Friday, July 29, 2011

Like my Grandpa Does

When I was younger, my grandpa would wait for the color to fade in these and spray paint them another fun color.
 This summer I am staying with my grandparents in Omak, Wa while I work at the local nursery. So it's only fitting that I give you a little peek at the garden that they are tending to. This is my grandpa's parts. Grandma's is to come later...

He is from the Midwest, so of course he has to have a corn patch.

Ears of corn for the visiting birds.

Honeysuckle for the many Hummingbirds.

He doesn't buy geraniums anymore. Instead he takes cuttings from the years before and grows his own over the winter in his greenhouse.

And what garden isn't complete without your very own Easter Island head to greet you?


  1. Nice blog. I'm your new follower. Stop by and follow back when you can.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love those geraniums! A very nice garden.

  3. How nice to be staying with your grandparents. Sounds like your grandfather is a great gardener - I could learn a lot from him!

  4. Hello! I love how you are so interested in gardening at a younger age...I started when I was about 28. Your photos are very pretty and I love the idea your Grandpa uses for coloring the spent allium. At least I think it's allium. Look forward to seeing more...

  5. How fun to hang out in Omak :)
    Your grandparents have a lot to share with a young whippersnapper like you :)


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