Monday, August 8, 2011

My Little Garden

As a college student, I don't spend too much time in one place. So I don't want to invest too much money in a garden I can't enjoy, when I am just going to pick up and move again in a couple months. For this reason, I can not wait until I have a house of my own and I can start creating the garden I have always wanted. So for now, I take what I can get for cheap if not free, so I don't have too much invested in them when I have to leave them behind. Working at a nursery, this comes easy luckily. I have acquired two Mammoth Sunflowers, a couple Sweet Pea vines, a Poppy flower and an Echinacea flower. And as you have seen, my grandparents have a garden of their own and little space to grow my findings, so I planted them at my boyfriends place. Which meant I could not give them the attention they deserved. This is what came out.

 The sunflowers took a tumble earlier in the season from the wind. But they are troopers. They made it and bloomed!


  1. You do what you can right now and these are good choices.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. welcome to gardening- it is a great way of life

  3. If you let your coneflower go to seed, you may have a few more next year! I bet monarda would do well in your climate and they spread easily. You will find as you garden that you are growing more than just flowers, you are learning to see the world differently. It's a wonderful journey! Keep planting!! :o)


I truely enjoy reading these comments! Being a young gardener I'll take anything I can get! Advice, suggestions, whatever!