Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink Clouds? **UPDATE**

 While driving down the street here in Omak, this tree caught my eye. My first thought was a smoke tree, but there are no leaves, and there is both pink and green "smoke". Does anybody know what it is? I like this tree and would like to know what it is.

Larry from Conrad Art Glass & Gardens identified it as a Tamarix ramosissima. 



  1. Interesting.....still looks like a smoke tree though - i'm curious to see what other say? Thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's (hope you get some ideas!) xoxo, tracie

  2. I believe it is a tamarix ramosissima... Larry

  3. Hi Jordyn
    Hopped over from Bunny Jean's to look at your incredible tree.
    I have no idea what it is, but I like it, too.
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  4. What a pretty tree! I, too, wished I knew what it was, but I like you calling it a "cloud" :)

    Visiting from Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop linky party.

    Smiles, Suzanne from Illinois

  5. It is a pretty tree but I wonder if it is messy.

    I see some of my party goers got here first ;)

    xoxo BunnyJean @ BunnyJean's Decor and More!

  6. We had one of those growing up..I always liked it. Great tree to daydream into ♥

  7. I've never seen this tree! You are right, it looks like a pink cloud!


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